In Hertha Living Community, adults with disabilities and “ordinary” families, retired and singles live in a close and rewarding neighbourhood. We call it reverse integration.


In Hertha, the living community means that we each have our own home, but that we share a number of activities and responsibilities. Hertha houses three adult shared houses and the village’s other residents live in apartments and houses. In 2019 we are a total of 140 people living in Hertha and we are a diverse group of children, young people and adults.


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The living community is based on the fact that “ordinary” people choose to live in a close and rewarding neighbourhood with adults with disabilities. We call it reverse integration. The living community is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s educational and social impulses, and we value social readiness, sustainability and the freedom of the individual.

Hertha Levefællesskab

Landsbyvænget 14

8464 Galten