At Hertha we share many activities and work areas while at the same time giving high priority to the freedom of the individual. Every citizen of Hertha contributes what they can and will at any given time in life. We have joint dining, seasonal parties, working days and much more. Anyone can take the initiative for an activity or project that includes either everyone or specific groups in the community. It can be, for example, choral singing, reading groups, toddler family dining or the like.


The concept of ‘reverse integration’ is the core idea of ​​Hertha Living Community. We believe that such a community between groups operating under the common conditions of society and groups in need of care and special attention enhances the quality of life of both groups. A coexistence to both benefit and joy. An experiment with integration as a headline.


In August 1987, a group of 40 people gathered at the initiative of the Hertha association. The task that the group gathered around was to work out a vision for how adults with learning disabilities could be given an optimal life in a community of so-called normal.

Hertha Levefællesskab

Landsbyvænget 14

8464 Galten