At Hertha we share many activities and work areas while at the same time giving high priority to the freedom of the individual. Every citizen of Hertha contributes what they can and will at any given time in life. We have joint dining, seasonal parties, working days and much more. Anyone can take the initiative for an activity or project that includes either everyone or specific groups in the community. It can be, for example, choral singing, reading groups, toddler family dining or the like.


In and around the communal house many common activities take place. It is among other things here soup evenings are held, where a group cooks several times a year. Lectures and meetings are held. Some of the workshop groups have their break and lunch here. The toddler families meet once a week for communal eating. The common house also has a large outdoor area with seating, pizza oven, where spontaneous as well as planned gatherings take place


There is a joint dinner twice a month for every resident in Hertha who wants to join. Everyone has a job, so they take turns cooking, washing, etc.


In Hertha, we celebrate the seasons together – both major events and everyday events. The major events are the May Market and the Autumn Market, which are open to all. In everyday life we also have a number of events open to all Hertha’s citizens.


About four times a year, common working days are held, where we work together on Hertha’s common buildings and outside areas. This may include the playground, buildings such as the stable, common house or the like.


Open Café is the Hertha Living Community Open House event, which is held several times a year on mselected Saturdays. Come hear more about Hertha and meet us who live here! 

In 2019, Saturday café will take place at 14-16.30 on the following days:

February 2nd
March 2nd
May 4th (also open workshops and flea market)
August 31 (also the Autumn Market from 11 am to 6.30 pm)
October 5th
November 2nd

Hertha Levefællesskab

Landsbyvænget 14

8464 Galten